Career Issues

We work with people who are facing a range of career issues.

What’s on your mind?

  • Mid life career change – wanting more from work, feeling disengaged, wanting something different, doing something new, doing something with more meaning.
  • Work-Life integration – feeling like there’s no clear cut off from work and it’s impinging on home life? You can develop strategies for managing more effectively.
  • Starting your own business – Going Solo – is now the right time? Looking at the upsides and the risk. Assessing the potential and the changes required.
  • Developing a career narrative – If you are looking to change direction it’s important to make sure you have a coherent narrative – where you’ve come from and where you’re going. The stories we tell make a huge difference in how we cope with change and how we communicate that change to potential employers, investors, family, friends and co-workers. A compelling narrative inspires belief in our motives and character and our capacity to reach the goals we’ve set.
  • New job search – what do I do? How do I find the right opportunities? How do I engage with my network, with recruiters and headhunters?
  • Interview coaching – developing a coherent narrative to gain confidence, coherence and credibility in any interview. Mock interviews and feedback are invaluable can help focus on areas for improvement. Learn how to handle competency based interview questions to demonstrate your skills and experience.
  • CV building and LinkedIn Profiles – Is this the right CV for me? Do I need a CV if I’m already on LinkedIn. How do I communicate my skills and experience?
  • LinkedIn profile and Social Media – what does your LinkedIn profile say about you? What impression does it give? Is your profile congruent with your career narrative? Manage your profile more effectively as recruiters use LinkedIn as a primary source of candidates.