Career coaching for individuals

The most important aspect of any coaching intervention is the relationship between the client and the coach. Confidentiality is paramount in building the trust to test out ideas, share insights and be stimulated, supported and challenged in generating alternatives and future possible scenarios. Having the time and space to test out ideas with me can be immensely enriching and enjoyable. There’s a time and place for conventional thinking, but unconventional thinking can be just as rewarding.

Our coaches take an integrative approach to career coaching using a range of perspectives including person-centred and psychodynamic theory and practice to explore specific questions and issues with clients rather than using one specific technique or process.  We draw on perspectives gained from management theory, organisational psychology, counselling and coaching approaches, as well as the experience of operating at senior levels in organisations.

When it comes to new job searches, two of our coaches have extensive experience in recruitment with practical experience of corporate hiring processes and understanding the do’s and don’ts of how individuals present themselves when considering a career move.


We work with people who are facing a range of career issues. What’s on your mind?